Please Stay Vigilant – Arizona numbers are increasing in ALL key metrics reports!

We want to keep you updated on our COVID-based operational status as reported weekly by Maricopa County, indicating the level of spread of COVID occurring within our community.  

For the period ending on October 29, 2020 the guidance is that our immediate area is again assessed as being at "Moderate Risk" and therefore we will continue to operate with our Hybrid model of instruction, limiting our in-person instruction and continuing with our Distance Learning instruction.  Based upon today's information which showed continued increases in 2 of the 3 reporting metrics, we cautiously expect to continue to operate in this mode for the foreseeable future, currently projecting this to be at least through the next 3 calendar weeks.
 As we all know this is a very fluid situation and we can expect weekly assessments to vary based upon the status of the pandemic in our community.  If one or more of the targeted metrics places our community in the "High Risk" category for an individual week we will of course notify you but there may not be an immediate change to our operations.  If we observe two consecutive weeks with “High Risk” assessments in all 3 metrics we may need or be required to return to a 100% Distance Learning program beginning the following Monday.  This would continue until there is a satisfactory return to a lesser risk assessment (2 consecutive weeks of Moderate or Low risk levels in all three metrics).  We will continue to monitor the weekly situation and update you as new information becomes available, giving as much notice as we can to any potential change in information.

We encourage you to provide us with your feedback on how we are handling the impact of the COVID pandemic and please direct any related questions to us at


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For more information on Maricopa County guidance relating to K-12 schools, what you can do to stay safe, seek testing or other issues please visit their site

The Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) has updater their guidance for schools to consider when looking at the different models (In person, Hybrid or Distance) for instruction.  Painted Desert has a plan in place and we are prepared to move between delivery models throughout the 2020–-2021 school year as community spread changes.  To see the latest guidance from AZDHS visit their publication "Safely Returning to In-Person Instruction" at

Are vaccines coming? Last week, ADHS submitted its Draft Arizona COVID-19 Vaccination Plan, a working document that will continue to be updated as more information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other federal partners is provided. To review their draft copy go to:

Also please note Public Health is encouraging anyone 6 months and older to get their flu shot. Join us in spreading the word to our community about where free flu shots are available at


Stay safe. Help us stay safe!