Mission & Vision

The Painted Desert Mission: Empowering Confident Learners

We believe education should address not only the academic needs of the children, but also speak to their spirits. Our mission is to provide individualized instruction that fosters a love of learning and respect for all living things. With the Montessori philosophy at the core, children will be guided through hands on learning in a prepared environment.

The Painted Desert Vision

We are committed to empowering our students to be confident learners, during the COVID Pandemic period and beyond. Whether in person, distance learning or a hybrid model of both we are delivering high quality, engaging instruction to all of our students.

The Painted Desert Story

Painted Desert Montessori Academy was established on August 2016 as a tuition-free public charter school in the West Valley. We provide a community centered family-like atmosphere for those seeking a school that will enable their child to learn at their own pace and developmental stage. This year we became a 501(c)(3) led entity which will further strengthen our ability to provide a Montessori-driven option for the families in our community.