Painted Desert Montessori Academy

Distance Learning at Painted Desert

We're open for in-person and distance learning students!

Empowering Confident Learners 

For the 2020-2021 school year we launched the distance learning arm of PDMA to deliver high quality education during the pandemic. Understanding that we needed to utilize technology while not being limited by it, we developed an immersive education model where we could bring our classroom instruction experience into the student’s home guided by a Painted Desert Montessori Academy teacher.  Our Hybrid Cohort model allows for classmates to learn from home, a community "safe zone" or any suitable location. All technology is provided by Painted Desert Montessori Academy for qualified resident students (contact us for details).


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The Painted Desert approach to technology.

It is important to note that distance learning does not always mean e-learning or online learning. At Painted Desert , technology is yet another opportunity to immerse our students in content while connecting with our learning community.


Students enjoy daily interaction with their Painted Desert teacher in both a group and one-on-one setting. Consistent peer interaction is vital to social and emotional development; therefore, we mindfully plan group and partner work through a balance of technology and traditional methods of instruction.


Devices we use:

Painted Desert will provide the following devices to each child given their grade level.

  • iPad
  • Chromebook
  •  Virtual Reality headset

Other resources we use:


Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers and students an organized platform to communicate, collaborate, and share. GC supports and enables teachers to meet the needs of individuals and organize the virtual classroom experience..


Google Meet

Google Meet is a secure video chat platform. Teachers use GM to connect to students face to face and to connect students with each other. This visual and auditory tool facilitates sharing, instruction, differentiation, collaboration, and community building.



Bloomz is a safe and instant school-to-parent. communication app. Painted Desert uses Bloomz to consistently connect, coordinate, and communicate with our families.